Holiday shopping is already under the way and this year I am going to encourage you to plan ahead. I don't want you to miss out on what could be the most fun way to shop during the holidays. I also don't want you to miss out on any goodies.

I am a big supporter of shopping locally as a lot of us are these days. I love heading into local shops in towns all over the Hudson Valley. They always have a great vibe that makes shopping fun. I will admit one of my favorite holiday shopping spots is a local farm market.

What Hudson Valley Farm Markets are Open During the Holiday Season

Cornwall New York
The Shops at Jones Farm via Facebook

When I was little growing up in Orange County my family would always do some of our holiday shopping at Jones Farm in Cornwall. It was my Mom's go-to gift shop. We would get hostess gifts for people we planned to visit during the holidays and we also always picked up farm-fresh treats to eat.

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Fast forward to 2023 and I am still heading out to do gift shopping at Hudson Valley Farm Markets. I try to spread m dollars out so that I can get something from everywhere I stop. If you want a fresh pie and like me, you don't bake your local farm market can help out. Dressel View can even add some fresh farm-made ice cream to your list.

Dressel Farms via Facebook
Dressel Farms via Facebook

Where to Get Holiday Gifts and Goodies for Your Holiday Celebrations

From ornaments to ciders to farmfresh veggies for side dishes our local farm markets can really add a homespun feel to the holidays.

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Holiday Food and Gifts at Hudson Valley Farm Markets

Hudson Valley Farm Markets for Holiday Shopping

These Hudson Valley Farm Markets are great for doing holiday shopping. They all have gifts and goodies. Here is a list of Hudson Valley Farm Markets that will be open through the holiday season.

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