A trip down memory lane!

If you've lived in the Hudson Valley for a long time, as I have, you most likely spent some time in a few bars over the years. I kind of feel bad for the younger generation here in the Valley because the nightlife scene is close to nonexistent, and throw a pandemic on top of it and they're is nothing to do anymore.

If you think back to when you would head out with your friends on the weekend, what places would you go to? Over the course of the last 20 years, we've all spent some time at least a few of these "long gone places"...

Sharky's near Splashdown in Fishkill
Bull & Budda in Poughkeepsie
Mad Hatter, Cactus Club in Poughkeepsie
The Dubliner in Poughkeepsie
Cadillac Ranch, Atrium, Truman's in New Paltz
Joe's East West in New Paltz (still around)
The Griffin in New Paltz
28 West in Middletown
Area 51 in Monticello
Finnegan's in Fishkill
The Brass Rail in Fishkill
Ozones in Kingston
Steelhouse in Kingston
Caboloosas in New Paltz
Let's Dance, Confetti's, Intrigue, Matrix on Academy street in Poughkeepsie
Victory Lane in Otisville
Torches in Newburgh
Front Street in Newburgh
Foley's in New Paltz
The Dungeon in Wappingers Falls
Borderlines in Middletown
McCoy's in Poughkeepsie
Adolophos in Poughkeepsie
City Limits in Highland
Billy's Slurp and Burp in Highland
Bertie's in Poughkeepsie
Keltic House
Storky’s/sidelines/toucan (now Dunkin’). Sidewinders (now cia building) in Hyde Park
Gully's in Newburgh
Dog house in Middletown
Smiles, Remys both in Middletown
Poor Bobby’s in Middletown
Château in Port Ewen
Deco’s in Kingston

Did we miss any places that you would go out with the crew on the weekends?

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