You might drive past this local cemetery every day but did you know about its troubling and gruesome past? You may not believe or even want to.

Honestly, this is a bit unsettling and it seems like something straight from a plot of a horror movie instead of real Poughkeepsie history.

St. Peter's cemetery is located on Salt Point Turnpike in Poughkeepsie and you may not know it but this burial site has a dark past. According to an article from The New York Times published in the early 1990s, gravediggers publicly claimed to have secretly buried fetuses and bodies parts of miscarried pregnancies from a local hospital.

The diggers at the cemetery claim that they were talking direct orders from their supervisors. They were told to bury the parts of children not in their own graves but to be secretly buried on top of freshly dug holes for the recently deceased.

After being haunted for years, one grave digger claimed to have been doing this for the entire span that he worked there which was almost 40 years. The story came to light in the mid '90s so if you have a friend or loved one buried in the cemetery since the 1950's, is it safe to say that they may have been buried with the body parts of children? Some grave digging staff even quit because they were asked to do such a deed. One former digger claimed to had buried over 50 fetuses and or limbs himself.

Speculation as to why the hospital and cemetery buried the children so carelessly was to conserve expensive land plots. Have you heard this story before? Does it bother you to know that a loved one could be resting with company that was laid to rest in a morbid manner?

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