It just a lot easier to get what you need for brewery your own beer or distilling you own spirits with Hudson Valley ingredients. Germantown Beer Farm announced via their Facebook page yesterday that they have teamed up with Adams Fairacre Farms in Wappinger Falls. You can now stop in to Adams for locally sourced Malt for you next brew.

Everyone enjoys a refreshing craft beer or tasty crafted spirit. Many folks have even taken up the process themselves which is why access to quality ingredients is so important. Germantown Beer and Adams knew that local brewers and distillers would like to be able to access locally sourced malts so they are now offering it in a variety of amounts including 50lb sacks at the Adams store located on Route 9 in Wappinger.

Back in June of this year Germantown Beer Farm (GBF) celebrated it's 6th year supplying Hudson Valley brewers and distillers with quality malts for their products. GBF has even sent their product outside the Hudson Valley in order to spread the local ingredients they produce.

In 2015 Jeanette and I launched @hudsonvalleymalt with the goal of connecting local Hudson Valley farms to local brewers and distillers. It just didn’t make sense to us newbies at the time that Hudson Valley brewers and distillers were not making beer and spirits from Hudson Valley grown grains. So we set out undaunted to remedy that. 6 years later our malted grains are grown and consumed right here in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. Germantown Beer Farm Facebook June 17th 2021


I have had the opportunity to visit Germantown Beer Farm and see the malting process first hand. I have even had a chance to turn the grain while it is on the floor. That is what Dennis and Jeanette do they malt the old fashion way, on the floor. I have know idea what all went into making what goes into my cocktail.

Germantown Beer Farm at Adams Fairacre Farms

Germantown Beer Farm known in the Hudson Valley for their malting process now has their products available at Adams Fairacre Farms. It comes it various size amounts for all levels of brewing

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