It's the most dangerous time of the year? Maybe so.

I'm sure you've seen the videos across social media of folks having mishaps in the kitchen and decorating during the holiday season. There are videos of turkey fryers going up in flames and the videos that show the dangers of have a severely dry Christmas tree.

There's another holiday favorite that can be a fire hazard.

That pesky Elf on The Shelf can pose serious hazards as he or she is placed all around homes during Christmas. If you plan on setting up your Elf near or on any kind of light display, you may want to proceed with caution.

The Harrison Professional Firefighters shared a story on their Facebook page earlier this week of what looks to be a burnt Elf on the Shelf. They say they received a call about a burning odor and then "they found someones Elf on The Shelf starting to burn because it was too close to the ceiling fan light."

While putting your Elf on The Shelf in funny situations is fun for the whole family, take a few extra minutes to make sure your Elf is safe and sound.


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