With the holiday season here, it has me reminiscing about my childhood.

I've seen a bunch of posts on social media regarding the Elf on the Shelf. Kids all around the Hudson Valley are watching every move their Elf is making throughout the holidays. More importantly they are making sure their Elf isn't reporting any bad news back to Santa.

My parents got out some of their decorations this year and they made sure to show me this little wreath you can see below:

2018-12-04 172641.556

Back in the day they told me that this tiny little wreath was a security camera that Santa left. It would send a live feed to the North Pole and Santa could check if me and my brother were being good that year. My parents kept this around all year long and it was placed right above my bedroom door. Obviously, I was toeing the line of the naughty list.

I was terrified of that wreath, if Santa saw the fights me and my brother had he would 100% not stop at my house. I even remember standing on a chair and trying to pull the wreath down to see if there were any wires connected to it.

What did you believe in when you were a child?

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