Last week CJ found a step by step list on how to win a radio contest. Obviously that comes in handy if you're a listener of our show and want to win awesome prizes like TOC tickets or Bethel concert tickets.

There are step by step instructions on WikiHow to do just about anything. Including how to win Mega Millions. If you weren't aware, there was no Mega Millions winner last night making the jackpot $508 Million. The next drawing will take place on Friday.

WikiHow breaks down the strategy in three parts. So here are a few ways you could win Mega Millions.

Lottery Tickets
Anne Kitzman

Part 1: Play The Game

Part 2:Utilize Proven Strategy

  • When you buy multiple tickets, choose different sets of numbers.
  • You don't have to play when the jackpot is higher. Less people will play when the jackpot is smaller, which in turn is less people with the winning combination.

Part 3: Pick The Right Numbers.

  • Avoid having all odd or even numbers. Mix it up a little bit.
  • Choose both high a low numbers.
  • Play a "balanced" game. The sum of your numbers should be in between 140-240. That's the median range.
  • Stay away from number groups (i.e 10,20,30,40,50..)

What do you think? Are these tips legit? If you're going to play, good luck! Hopefully one of us is going home with $508 million on Friday. Fingers crossed.


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