If you have ever tried to play a contest on the radio and didn't win whatever prize was being given away these tips may help you out next time.

Yes you can find instructions on how to do anything online, including being caller number 10 in radio contests.

According to WikiHow, here are a few methods that they say will increase your chances at being caller number 10. Side note we usually ask for caller 9 so you may need to adjust these slightly...LOL.

1. Listen to the Radio. (UMMM DUH!!!)

2. Save their number in your phone (Our: 845-473-9431)

3. Set the number to speed dial. (So its easy to find)

4. Engage the DJ's. Send a complimentary email or message telling them how much you love the station, that they're your favorite DJ. Most all DJs have egos so if you play up to it you could score some brownie points.

5. Ask a friend to help when its time to call in. Two people calling gives you a better shot a winning and you can share the prize.

I have been doing this radio thing for a long time and when it comes to winning a prize most of the time its really just luck, so GOOD LUCK and as always Thank you for listening.

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