Have you been asked yet if you Instant Pot? If you haven't, you probably will be soon. It's one of the biggest sellers on Amazon and, according to the Instant Pot Community on-line, it's also being offered at retailers throughout the country and will be featured during some Black Friday sales.

I purchased mine a year ago and, after having it a few weeks, I wondered how I'd ever cooked without it. I can make pulled pork in 70 minutes, cook pasta in 2, make perfect rice with the rice setting, and many friends have made the most amazing cheesecakes in their Instant Pot. No fooling!

But, before you buy this as a gift for yourself, or for someone else, let me show you a few things about how amazing, and easy to use, this little appliance is.  I know the idea of using a pressure cooker can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

While I am certainly no Instant Pot expert, I can show you a few tips and tricks that can get you started, this week, let's talk about making something pretty simple, eggs. You can make hard-boiled eggs without the annoying mess of having to peel them once they are cooked.

One thing about this video,  I want to point out is, I was so nervous doing the video that I didn't allow enough time to do a NPR, or natural pressure release to let the eggs cook to the hard-boiled status I was looking for. But it's a good teaching moment, as you now know that simply by adjusting either cooking time or which pressure release method you use, you could have whatever kind of eggs you would like.

I should also say that I am not an Instant Pot expert nor am I a paid spokesperson. This has totally changed how I cook and I love it. So, I hope you'll join me here each week as I'll go over the different features and show you how easy it is to cook some basic items, just to get you started!

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