One of the biggest selling kitchen appliance in the last few years is the Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker. With it, you can cook foods in far less time than it ever took before and it doesn't heat up your kitchen as your oven would.

In the past two years since I have owned one, it has completely changed the way I cook. I can cook pulled pork, a pot roast, or even mashed potatoes on the hottest day of summer if I want to without adding additional heat and humidity to the kitchen. It also has other settings such as rice, saute, steam, yogurt, and more. I don’t think I’ve ever made more perfect rice than I have with the Instant Pot.

I have had a lot of success with it, but I’ve also had some things not turn out the way I thought they would. Normally, it’s just an issue of time or the amount of pressure. But recently, I wanted to try a new recipe that was making it’s way around Instant Pot circles, the Pancake Bite.

In all the photos they looked glorious, light and fluffy. I am sorry to say this, but I think they doctored those photos because light and fluffy are the last words I would use to describe pancakes made in the Instant Pot. See for yourself.

These were so rubbery and not a pleasing texture at all. The funny thing was that the women in our office didn't care for them but the guys had no problem with them. Go figure. Have you tried something in the Instant Pot that just didn't work? Are there recipes you will never do again? Let me know.

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