One of the biggest selling kitchen appliance in the last few years is the Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker. With it, you can cook foods in far less time than it ever took before and it doesn't heat up your kitchen like your oven would.

If you have one, you know what I mean when I say it has changed the way I cook. If you haven't purchased one yet, think about, it could change your cooking life too. But, it’s not just a pressure cooker. If you have the Instant Pot 7-in-1, you can do so much more such as making yogurt, steaming vegetables, sauteing, use as a slow cooker, and as a rice cooker. It’s that last feature I want to talk about today.

I love rice. I use it in a wide variety of dishes and sometimes I like it plain with just a little bit of butter and some parmesan cheese. But as often as I cook rice every week, I never bought a rice cooker. I was happy with how I cooked it. Then I got the Instant Pot and I tried the Rice cooking feature on it and I will never make rice any other way. Ever again.

I love that I can cook what I want, no matter what the temperature is. Plus, while food is cooking in the Instant Pot, I can do other things and nothing is going to boil over on the stove. If you have an Instant Pot what are your favorite things to make in it? What tips do you have? I'd love to learn even more about this amazing kitchen appliance.

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