We've been waiting months for this incredibly rare sunrise, and the time has finally come.

If you've been following along on social media, you have probably heard, and read, about the extremely rare sunrise that we are going to have the opportunity to see in the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley meteorologist Joe Rao shared the news back in April and it took over our social media timelines.

Here's your reminder. The "Sunrise Scimitar" will be rising over the Hudson Valley this week on Thursday, June 10. When will be the best time to see the sunrise scimitar, also known as a crescent sunrise? According to Rao at 5:24 AM on June 10 the sun will be "near the peak of a partial eclipse of the Sun in which 73% of the Sun's disk will be obscured by the passing New Moon."

If you're looking for somewhere to view the sunrise scimitar? Look no further than The Walkway Over the Hudson. 

On Facebook, they announced that they will be opening their gates on June 10th at 5 AM, on the Highland side, to get a glimpse of the 'once in a lifetime sunrise. There will also be telescopes with special filters to get a unique look at the sunrise eclipse.

Tickets must be reserved for this event. You can reserve them online on The Walkway website. 

Rao explained that the last time New York experienced this sunrise was back in 1959 adding:

Sunrise coinciding with the peak of a solar eclipse of large magnitude is a rather rare occurrence; for NYC is has happened only twice in the last 150 years: in Sept. 1875 and October 1959.

Rao also shared that as of Monday,June 7th the weather isn't looking like it will cooperate with us. Rao is calling for clouds on Thursday morning.

Here's to hoping the weather outlook changes! Where will you be viewing the sunrise?


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