While you wait for your grill to thaw out I thought I would tell you about some amazing places to get a burger. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy the flavor of a grill style burger. Let's face it burgers have become culinary master pieces. You can head out the door for your basic Five Guys or sit yourself down in a fine dining establishment to enjoy a specialty burger.

Here is a list of my favorite place to get a burger when my grill is under ice.

P&G's in New Paltz - The Mack Truck Burger Melt is burger meets comfort food. It's an 8oz burger topped with homemade mac n cheese nestled in a grill cheese sandwich.

Mahoney's in Poughkeepsie - The Jameson BBQ Burger is irish burger heaven. Cover in irish cheddar with thick cut bacon then topped with Jameson BBQ sauce.

Red Robin (Check for one near you) - The Wedgie. A glorious burger that with all it's delicious toppings still feels guilt free due to the fact that it is bunless. The Wedgie burger includes bacon and guacamole and is served between two crisp piles of lettuce.

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