They say there are only two kinds of people, what type of person are you?

According to the people over at Buzzfeed, by answering a few questions, we can find out what type of person you are. They asked people to take an online poll about random everything day things, and how they do them.

Some of the questions they asked included:

Do you squeeze your tube of toothpaste, or roll the end so it all stays at the top? 55% said they're squeezers. 45% are rollers.

When you eat hot wings, do you prefer the drumstick kind, or the flat kind with two bones in it? 62% said drumstick. 38% prefer the kind with two bones.

When you have pizza, do you eat the crust or do you throw it out? 68% eat it. 32% don't.

When you text, do you mostly use "LOL" or "Haha" when you think something's funny? 54% said "Haha." 46% said "LOL."

The one question that both Jess and I agree on is, How many alarms do you have set on your phone? 58% need more than one alarm. 42% only need one alarm.

How many alarms do you have set on your phone right now? Count them up and let is know on Facebook and if you have the time snap a screen shot and post that as well.

Here is mine..


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