It's not secret, the Hudson Valley is smack dab in the middle of its first heat wave of 2018.

Finding ways to keep cool are keeping all of us occupied and effects how we think. For instance, you jump in that beautifully cold pool, but forget to put on sunscreen. That's going to leave a mark.

According to today in Poughkeepsie it will take 11 minutes for you skin to get red and 19 minutes for you sun to burn. If you're going outside today make sure to lather on sunscreen.

If for some reason you forget to lotion up, one Texas woman has your sunburn remedy. Kind of.

Cindie Allen Stewart posted her sunburn, shaving cream  hack to Facebook and it has since gone viral. Apparently if you use menthol shaving cream on your sunburn it will heal quickly. If you don't have aloe laying around your home, then this is the perfect hack.

I personally take freezing cold showers and tylenol until it clears up.

But it's better to avoid the burn all together. Get that sunscreen on today, Hudson Valley!

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