What is your go to greeting?

Now to answer this question, you actually need to answer the phone when some calls you, unlike Jess who NEVER ANSWERS!! LOL! When you going about your day and the phone rings, what do you say when you pick up?

The greeting conversation started today after we got the correct answer for the early morning brain stimulator question that we ask each morning around 6:10 a.m. The question was the 19% of women won't respond to a man on an online date site that starts the conversation by saying this _____? The answer was "Howdy". Congrats to Kenny from Poughkeepsie who called us and won some free beef jerky...LOL!

After thinking about the term "Howdy" I've decided that from this moment on, anytime I answer the phone here at the Wolf, I'll be greeting our callers with a big fat HOWDY....LOL! I encourage anyone that calls us at any point in time, PLEASE GREET US WITH A HOWDY!

Let's try a little exercise, picture this......your sitting on your couch watching TV, the phones rings, then rings again and instead of looking at the caller ID, you just answer it. What is your go to greeting? Is it a simple "hello"?, do you give a "hey"? or do you do like my dad would do back in the day? He would always answer the phone, no matter who was calling with a loud...."WHAT?"

Let us know how you answer the phone by calling us in studio at 845-454-9770 and be ready for a loud HOWDY or you can always text us your greeting through the Wolf mobile app.

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