It's been a tough couple of weeks for our friends down south in Texas and Florida.

While they've been getting hit with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma we've been on the sidelines watching and trying to help out the best we can. There are hundreds of police officers, firefighters, medical professionals and military responders who drove into the storm to help others who may have been in distress.

Down in Florida a police station posted a selfie of their rescue workers having a little fun while making their way through the storm. The ladies of Florida and the United States had some more fun with how good looking said rescue workers were, I mean seriously look at them:

And then this fella showed up, they're calling him "Rescue Bae":

ABC 7 NY Facebook
ABC 7 NY Facebook

Is it getting hot in here?

I know what Florida and Texas are going through is devastating, but sometimes looking at the lighter side takes the pressures and stress off of our minds.

We love our rescue workers, EMT's, Police Officers and Firefighters and Military personnel here in the Hudson Valley. So, we want to see your Hot Hudson Valley Heroes. Send us a picture at or leave one in our comment section on Facebook.

Hotness knows no bounds all applicants are welcome!

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