This could be one of the best revenge stories I have heard about in a long time.

Do you have people that you have over your house that you really don't like? Maybe its relatives or your significant others co-workers, whoever it may be, if you want to make them as uncomfortable as possible why not serve them hot dog flavored ice cubes in their drinks.

Yes this is a real thing and the woman behind it is Angela Brisk and she posted on twitter her method for sticking it to any guests she has over to her house who she doesn't really like, according to Delish.

Basically all she does is boil up some hot dogs and when they are done she takes the left over water and puts it in an ice cube tray and into the freezer for future use. EWWWWW!!!!

I'm not sure why she is having people over who she doesn't like, but you have to give it to her, this is a pretty good way to get people to never want to come over again or at least never ask for another drink while at your house.

Now that I think about my wife and I are always yelling at our kids for chewing ice and I think I might steal this idea to make them stop. Video to follow...I know, I'm an awful Dad!!! LOL.

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