Do you change what hot drink you enjoy because the seasons change? Are you a coffee person in the summer but a hot chocolate fan in the winter? I personally drink hot coffee all year round. I enjoy a hot cup of tea if I am feeling like a cold is coming on but mostly it is always coffee.

However, when the weather turns cold what is it about hot chocolate that we all crave? I can say for sure that I have never want a hot chocolate in the summer. And again I still drink hot coffee so it's not the hot vs. cold. I think it is simply that growing up my Mom made me believe that you could only get hot chocolate at Christmas time.

We would have marshmallows all year because we would roast them over a camp fire but the packets of powder hot chocolate never seemed to surface until the first flake of snow flew. I am sure I could get a hot chocolate in July but I bet it won't taste as good as it does in December.

But enough about my thoughts on hot chocolate, it turns out that it is probably go for you. Don't take my word for it instead checkout the 7 health benefits of drinking hot chocolate according to the Mother Nature Network.

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