The discovery was made last week in a barn in Goshen.

According to News 12, authorities made the horrible discovery last weekend after neighbors of Argus Farms, which is located at Gate Schoolhouse Road in Goshen, contacted them after noticing that the animals had gone missing.

A search warrant was issued for the farm last Saturday and after investigating the farm, authorities report that four horses were found starved to death and trapped inside the barn. They told News 12 that the horses were trapped, starved and allegedly were chewing on the pressure treated wood in their stalls before they died.

They also said that one of the horses was reportedly pregnant when it died.

An investigation by the town of Goshen and the SPCA is underway and charges are expected to be filed once the investigation is wrapped up.

Other horses still remain at the farm and authorities did not release the name or names of the owners of the farm.

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