Talk about brotherly love.

I have two brothers, both younger, and I would pretty much do anything for them but impersonating a police officer is not something I would do.

According to the NJ.Com, a Hopewell Junction man actually pretended to be a police officer and shouted at Mahwah police for busting his brother for having marijuana in his car during a traffic stop.

Justin Wunderlich from Hopewell Junction was pulled over by Sgt. Michael Blondin for various traffic violations. Police Chief James Batelli told the Daily Voice that officer Blondin smelled pot during the traffic stop and conducted a search of the car that turned up marijuana, a joint and a package of medical marijuana that Wunderlich admitted stealing.

After placing Wunderlich under arrest, he was brought back to the police station and as he was being processed, the police received a interesting phone call claiming to be from a police officer.

Batelli told the Daily Voice that they received a call from someone claiming to be Officer Mackey from the Town of Fishkill Police department. The caller screamed at officers and claimed Wunderlich was involved in an undercover investigation and should be released and given the marijuana back, according to the Daily Voice.

Police later determined the caller was Brandon Wunderlich, Justin's brother.

Brandon Wunderlich was asked to come to Mahwah Police Headquarters and charged him with impersonating a police officer, obstruction and hindering.

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