Homecoming at many Hudson Valley Schools is right around the corner and this Hudson Valley dad was trying to do the right thing...LOL!

Yes, I'm talking about this Hudson Valley dad, ME, and after trying to do the right thing with my 16-year-old daughter I thought I should share my experience to help (warn) any other parent that has waited until now to get a dress for their daughter's homecoming.

Dress Shopping at Poughkeepsie Galleria

Last Saturday my daughter was talking/complaining to me about how she needed to get a dress for homecoming ASAP because she was afraid that all the pretty/cute ones would be gone. Being a nice guy and knowing that it would probably be an interesting experience to take her, I offered to bring her to the Poughkeepsie Galleria to shop. At first, she declined but after a little convincing we headed to the mall.

I've never gone dress shopping around this time of year so I had no idea that it would be as CRAZY as it was. The store we went into was packed with teenage girls and their moms all trying to find the perfect dress. After walking around for a while my daughter found a few dresses she wanted to try on, so she got in the line for the dressing rooms. The line was FOREVER but as we were waiting, numerous girls would come out of the room to show their moms and friends the dress on them. Girl after girl all had one thing in common, their moms all kept saying the same thing. "IT"S TOO SHORT!" or, "there is NO WAY dad is going to let you leave the house wearing that!"


Why are Dresses so Short?

I don't know if because my daughter heard all the moms saying the same thing but after waiting in line for another 5 minutes she walked away, put the dresses down, and said she wanted to leave. I think she knew exactly how I would react to some of the dresses...LOL! Is there a reason why dresses are so short? Do any other parents have an issue with dress length? Call or text us through the Wolf Country app.

Dress Length Rules

We got a ton of messages from parents that shared some of the rules they have so that their daughters don't leave the house in a dress that is too short. Christine in Wappingers FAlls texted, "So here's the rule...the dress has to be no shorter than your fingertips when your hands are down at your side. My daughter knew the rules and today at 28 years old she still goes by that rule. Lol!" Lori in Blooming Grove texted, "Lol… I used to do the bend-down test… if my girls could bend down in shorts or a dress and the cheeks don’t show it was a go." KC from Liberty shared a rule that every girl should follow, "I made my daughter wear bike shorts under every dress!"

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