If there's one thing you should know about me it's that I dedicated the month of October to the witches. More specifically the Sanderson Sister of Salem Massachusetts.

I'm talking about the 1993 cult classic, Disney Halloween film, Hocus Pocus. Each October I take part in the infamous #HocusPocusChallenge in where I watch Hocus Pocus full through every day from 10/1 to 10/31.

It must be a targeted ad, but I just came across an awesome way to spice up my Hocus Pocus viewing parties.

There's a Hocus Pocus: Musical Cocktail Experience going down on October 16th and it's available to people in New York.

It's a streaming event (due in part to COVID-19) that brings you a "musical “Master Class” on witchery" where you're going to be taught things like "how to concoct potions, perform spells, and become a certified full-fledged witch or wizard by the biggest, baddest witches in the business - all to the tune of your favorite haunted hits."

Sounds like the perfect night for a Hocus Pocus fangirl or fanboy.

Each kit will include the following:

  • A 90 minute live streamed magical musical mixology session taught by a trio of witches
  •  Potion-making guidance
  •  A custom “black flame” candle
  • All of the ingredients to brew 3 unique potions, two servings of each potion
  • Plus more magical surprises!

If you're not a drinker there's good news, they have a non-alcoholic kit as well.

The Hocus Pocus Musical Cocktail Experience will run you $69 through FeverUp.com. What kind of potions will you be creating this Halloween season?


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