I think I've learned more historical information from researching Hudson Valley towns compared to any history class I've taken in the past.

I'm continuing to find a lot of interesting facts around here and this lead me to the next town...Cold Spring.

According to NY Gov. and USA Today all of this happened in this quaint Hudson Valley town:

Supply and Demand for Weapons 

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The West Point Foundry first opened in 1818 and began making weapons for the Union Army during the Civil War. The Foundry ended up closing it's doors in 1911.

Name Game Changer

cold spring shot

Rumor has it after a visit to the village, George Washington inspired the name of the town. After a drink from a local spring he commented it was refreshing and cold. Go figure?

Spooks and Scares


A local legend is during the late 1800's, a woman found out about her husbands plot to kill her. She was trying to get on a train to leave Cold Spring and sadly as she was waiting her husband found her. Some say around 10:13 p.m. on Wednesday nights right at the Depot Restaurant (the former train station) a cold draft comes in right near where she was murdered.

Here at the Wolf, we are so excited that more towns throughout the Hudson Valley will be able to enjoy country music with us. Cold Spring can now hear country music on 97.7 FM.


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