I should start by saying that it is not a typo I actually spell Paty with one "T" thanks to a numerologists who say my name should always be balanced. This is why Quyn has a welsh feel to it and only one "N". So now that we are done with the name tag portion of this introduction let me get you so other tidbits about me that I hope we can bond over.

I have been working in country music in the Hudson Valley region since 1993. Yes, that is a long time and no I didn't get started at the age of 3. I am a child of the 60's and 70's which is why I consult numerologists and other life readers. I don't have a psychic on retainer but I probably should being that the do it myself tea leave readings don't always pan out.

This is my Dog she is 12. A rescue from Pet Alive in Middletown New York, her name is Minnie Pearl. (She came with that name but I am a fan)

photo by pq
photo by pq

This is my husband Wade. Apparently I make him laugh. We tied the knot on July 7th 2007. Yes, that is 07-07-07. I got him the Gary Allan mask. He really likes it.

photo by PQ
photo by PQ

So more of the basics about me:

  • I like to be outside except in the winter, I don't like to be cold.
  • I don't mind the rain but I prefer if it is a thunderstorm, they can be more entertaining.
  • I love all animals even the slimy ones.
  • I have a dog because I am allergic to cats.
  • I play golf but not well, that doesn't stop me from getting out there and trying to get better.
  • I like Eric Church, Gary Allan, Ashley McBryde, Miranda Lambert, Waylon, Willie and the Boys.
  • I like to cook but love to eat out.
  • Specialty drinks are my go to on the drink menu
  • I like going to the mountains but I prefer the beach.
  • I like staying at a resort but given a choice I'd pick glamping

I would keeping going but the main reason for sharing all of this is so I can get to know you. Now that we will all be getting back out into the world I look forward to meeting up with all of you and finding out what makes you, you now that you know what makes me, me.

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