We found a simple way to make sure you get a sweet, juice-filled watermelon every time you buy one.

We've all been there at one time or another, your standing at your favorite farm stand, or in the produce section of your favorite grocery store, and you stand there staring at a big pile of watermelons with that OMG!! what one should I pick look on our face.? I know that when you're buying other fruit-like things, there are ways to pick out the perfect one.

For example, for bananas, you want to buy ones that have no brown spots and have a little green near the top of them. For avocados, I was told that they should feel a little soft when you squeeze them, but what about one of our favorite summer treats, watermelon?

The quickest way to ruin a good BBQ or family gathering is to have cut open a bad watermelon, right? You cut it open and it's not juicy and tastes kind of dry. So that never happens to you again the folks over at the Crazy Fruit shared an easy way to get a good watermelon, guaranteed, every time.

They shared that they met up with a watermelon farmer and asked him what's the secret to picking out a good watermelon? The farmer told them all they need to do to is look at the watermelon and make sure the dark green lines are 2 fingers-width apart.

Watermelon isolated

Next time you're watermelon shopping, just take your index and ring fingers, put them together and lay them across the outside of the watermelon. If your fingers fill up the white area on the watermelon, it should be good to go.

If you try it out and it works, please let us know through the app.

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