Is there a question that you would like us to ask any of the artists coming to the Taste of Country Music Festival?

As we get ready for a huge weekend of music and fun at Hunter Mountain, Jess and I were told that we are going to be able to sit down and interview some of the greats acts that are coming to the festival this year and we need your help to make sure things go well.

You have probably heard a million interviews with artists before and one of the things I hate about doing interviews is always asking the same questions. Questions like who is your favorite person to work with, are you working on new music. I just feel like they have been asked the same questions a million times, which is why I think a lot of times artists sound bored when they do interviews.

We want to change that this year and could really use your help to do it. If you were interviewing any of the artists coming to this years festival what question or questions would you ask them? Let us know on Facebook and we will ask your question on your behalf when we get to do some interviews.

Some of the questions we got so far include:

What do you do during your down time here in the Hudson Valley and Catskills? How much down time do you get in a year? Would you rather play for thousands of people or just a small group of fans?

If you have a question make sure you send us a message on Facebook or shoot me an email at and be listening for your question on the air and you can watch all of our interviews on our YouTube channel.

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