We got to sit down so many stars at the Taste of Country Music Festival this year.

If you went to the festival this year you already know that Justin Moore puts on a hell of show live and was really down to earth to talk to backstage as well.

I've had the pleasure of seeing Justin Moore a few times at the Ulster and Dutchess County fairs over the years but never got the opportunity to sit and talk for a few minutes like I did at TOC this year.

Is it me or doesn't Justin seem like a great guy and the fact that he loves the TV show Homeland is a big plus. As a parent I can so relate to watching TV during school hours. It really is the only time nobody is around to fight over the clicker.

Thanks again to Justin and all of the singers that took a few minutes to sit down and talk with us over the weekend and if you were at the festival share your pictures with us on Facebook.

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