I had so many things on my mind after this weekend at Hunter Mountain I realized I should do one of those classic essays from our school days, so hear goes. What I learned this weekend at the Taste of County Music Festival.

I learned that no matter what time you get to Hunter Mountain there is always room to park at Ronnie MacGregor's. I also learned that no matter how good of shape you are in the walk up to the mountain is a steep one and will leave you winded for a moment or two or five.

I learned that if you want to eat lo-cal you need to bring your own snacks. Lunch on the mountain was a "Chocolate Dip" ice cream. Totally worth the calories and the price. I learned that I can stand sideways on a hill for two hours if it means not missing a minute of Eric Church on stage. And on that note I learned I can't out run Jess when someone offers her a chance to go backstage to meet Eric Church.

But probably the most unexpected thing I learned at TOCMF 2018 was from Sasha McVeigh and that is that Glitter is also called Pixie Dust and girlfriend can wear it well.

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