Today was an interesting day at work for me. It turned into a family affair and I couldn't have been happier.

My Grandpa Frank, I call him Pop, turned 90 today! We celebrated over the weekend and I made it one of my "3 Things" to discuss on Monday morning. Once CJ got wind that Pop's birthday was during the week he said "We have to have him on." So, I delivered the good news and this morning when he arrived at the studio he was a little nervous. His first words to me were "Jessica, I'm gonna strangle ya." He meant that in the most loving way possible and people say things they don't mean when they're nervous, right?

Anyway, he made his way to the studio and the nerves melted away. Pop was in World War II as a radio code operator so the whole radio aspect fascinates him. After we went off the air he said "CJ made me feel very comfortable. I'm not nervous any more...I'll be back tomorrow." I'm pretty sure I get some of my personality from my Grandpa.

While we were on the air, we were discussing how I was looking for a birthday gift for my Grandpa. He really wants one of those World War II Veteran hats. My family and I have been looking high and low and have come up empty. We had a few people reach out and suggest Ebay and flea markets around the area. Any other suggestions from around the Hudson Valley?

It can be a Christmas gift now too right?


Happy Birthday, Pop! Here's to 90 and many more.

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