It feel like this summer Peekamoose Blue Hole in Sullivan County has seen a huge spike in popularity.

With that popularity came the traffic and as well all know, and are learning, with traffic comes garbage. The more and more people who visited the park the more trash was seen on the trails. The Peekamoose website posted a note stating

"we have been contacted about the amount of litter being left at Blue Hole, and this area is in danger of being shut down.  This is publicly owned land, and part of our hope for See/Swim is that people will get to know their local waterways, and work to protect them.  However, Blue Hole is a famous location that has been covered by many publications, and it is being impacted by the amount of visitors."

Many people asked if the swimming hole was too popular?

Rather than stand back and watch a local spot deteriorate, the Hudson Valley is coming together.

The Catskill Conservation Corp, the NYS DEC and Trail Conference volunteers will join together on September 30th, National Public Land Day, for one last big clean up.

They're calling it "Take Back the Trail: Blue  Hole Clean-Up.

If you'd like to participate make sure you sign up a head of this weekend at their website. 

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