Forget the Ice Cream truck, Hudson Valley online shoppers should be on the look out for the Amazon Treasure Truck.

I had been getting weird text messages all week that I thought were spam, so I ignored them. Turns out I actually signed up for alerts, at some point while scrolling through Amazon, for something called the Amazon Treasure Truck.

Here's how it works.

When you sign up, Amazon goes to work and will look up all the trending, exclusive or highly discounted products." Once they get all the information together, they'll text you about that day's "limited-time offer."

For instance I received a text on Wednesday with an offer on Green Toys Ferry Boat for $13.99 which was 30% the original price. The toys were made of "recycled milk jugs" which was on theme for Earth Day which was the following day.

The text will send you a link to Amazon where you can order the products on the spot. Offer last until 11:55 PM EST the day you receive the text message.

Amazon Treasure Truck will send you deals on anything from toys and games, electronics, home and garden and health and beauty supplies.

As a frequent Amazon shopper, I had to sign up.

There is actually a physical Amazon Treasure Truck that actually makes appearances around the US and has physical items to hand out. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about the Treasure Truck making it's way to our neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods any time soon.

To sign up to be a part of the Amazon Treasure Truck text 'TRUCK' to 24193 or check it out on the Amazon website. 


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