2020 is the year of the "new normal." Unfortunately, it's not that normal. It's all very strange and I think we're all doing our best at trying to get by.

One thing that I think employees, parents, students and teachers can all agree on is that Zoom or any kind of video conference is usually a little awkward.

A friend of mine from out of state told me about how her son, who is in 2nd-grade mind you, and his classmates got in trouble during remote learning. "Why?!" you may be asking. Well, the teacher's internet dropped out and her call was disconnected from the Zoom. So the kids took it upon themselves to take themselves off mute and chat with each other.

I guess that's the equivalent of the teacher leaving the classroom back in the day.

Another teacher friend told me that she went through the first 10 minutes of class trying to figure out why her students weren't responding during remote learning. It was because her computer was muted the whole time.

These are just new norms we're all going to have to get used to, but it's pretty funny to hear that we're all going through together.

Have you had any embarrassing Zoom or remote learning moments? Did you forget to put the computer on mute and leave for the bathroom? Yikes. Just thinking about that makes me cringe.

Let us know in the comment section or text us through The Wolf mobile app your Zoom/Remote Learning cringeworthy moments.


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