I think we all have gotten one.

We got talking today about the 79 old lady from Ohio that was ticketed by police for feeding stray cats and after Nancy Segula went to court the judge ordered her to spend 10 days in jail. Now this wasn't the first time she was ticketed for feeding the cats and according to WTEN, she has had four citations since 2017.

I still think that the punishment is a bit much, right? Anyway after thinking about it, I think most of us have gotten or know someone who has gotten a ticket for something crazy.

I remember back in the late 90's I went to Met game at Shea Stadium with my friend Dan and we were pre-gaming with a few beers in the parking lot when the police came over and asked us what we were drinking. I hide my beer next to the car and Dan was holding his, so they took him aside and gave him a ticket for drinking in public and open container. Needless to say, Dan didn't talk to me for the whole game because I didn't get the ticket, but I DID offer to pay for half of the fine. I don't think I ever did though...LOL.

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