I haven't mentioned this on the show before, but one of my biggest fears is getting stuck in an elevator.

I know I'm not alone with having this fear. Growing up my brother would jump up and down in a moving elevator hoping we would get stuck and I would freak out. You know your normal sibling bullying.

Anyway, yesterday I almost found myself stuck in an elevator at a nursing home.

I went to visit my grandfather at a nursing home while he rehabs a broken leg. It's not a very big building so the elevator ride up isn't so bad and it's a huge elevator so I have no problem going up and down when I visit.

My grandfather wanted to get some fresh air. He's in a wheelchair so I start pushing him towards the elevator. I push the button and the elevator doors open. I wheel him in and then I kid you not, the power goes out in the building, lights start flashing and as were entering  the elevator it does a little dip while we're in there. My heart sank.

I've never gotten out of something so fast in my life.

Turns out there was a car accident (hope everyone was okay!) that effected the power line.

I avoided one of my fears by seconds.

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? How did you react? More importantly, how did you get out!?

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