I will never understand the folks that make decisions like this!!

After enjoying a nice holiday break I can't believe we've entered the new year with such disappointing news that a piece of most of our childhoods will soon be unavailable. We told you last week that a rumor had been circulating across the Hudson Valley that the Ronzoni company had allegedly discontinued making one of our favorite comfort foods.

8th Avenue Food & Provisions/Canva
8th Avenue Food & Provisions/Canva

Favorite Childhood Comfort Food Going Away?

Like many of us, when I was growing up there were certain times during the school year that I would get sick. Sometimes I would actually be sick, other times I would fake it so I could miss something that day in school...LOL! No matter the reason anytime I could convince my mom that I needed to stay home one thing I always look forward to was her making me a big bowl of Pastina.

Sick Days Always Included Pastina

My mom was like clockwork on a sick day, it would go like this...She would take my temperature, give me medicine if I needed it, and then right around 11 a.m. she would bring a bowl of pastina just in time for us to watch the Price is Right game show. I remember it like it was yesterday!! Does anyone else have a similar memory of pastina? I'm not sure if the pasta had any medicinal effects but I do know that it always made me feel better...LOL!

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So how could something that was part of the sick day cure be discontinued?

8th Avenue Food & Provisions
8th Avenue Food & Provisions

Has Pastina Been Discontinued?

According to the folks at Snopes, last month they began investigating whether or not pastina was discontinued, and after numerous attempts to reach the company they were able to confirm by phone that "Ronzoni Pastina, No. 155, truly had been discontinued." They also said shared a statement that said, "Unfortunately, there were insufficient sales to support continued production and it has been discontinued."

The cancelation of pastina has led to people starting an online petition to try and convince Ronzoni to keep the once-popular pasta on store shelves. If you'd like to sign the petition you can do that here. Let's hope that the petition works because I think every kid needs to experience at least one sick day with the pastina cure!!

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