Happy Pi Day. Yes, today is the day that we play on words for the mathematical 3.14 equation (I failed math a few times so it's probably not called an equation) . March 14th aka 3.14.

Some celebrate by enjoying math equations and doing smart things like that. However here at The Wolf, we're taking Pi seriously.

By asking our co-workers to bring pies in to work. Our party planning committee planned "Operation Dessert Storm" to fall on Pi day.

Some people brought in pie, others brought cake, there was a cookie frosting dip concoction.

We literally find a way to eat and celebrate any way we can here at The Wolf. Beth and myself decided to participate with our own dessert recipes.

I made Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate covered Pretzels while Beth Christy created a Oreo frosting cinnamon bun.

Like I said, we take this seriously.

How are you celebrating Pi day?

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