Someone is celebrating a big birthday today!

Happy 105th Birthday to the Oreo Cookie, which was the first cookie invented by the National Biscuit Company and is now known as Nabisco. The Oreo Cookie was invented in 1912 and has ties to New York as it was created at the Nabisco factory located on Ninth Avenue which is now Chelsea Market.

According to a list that TeenVogue created last week, Oreo has come out with 52 different types of flavors throughout the years. While I highly disagree with their best flavor placement, because you the original Oreo should always be number 1, the list itself it quite interesting. I knew they had disgusting flavors like Peeps, Waffles and Syrup and Swedish Fish, but didn't realize they had flavors like Fruity Crisp (basically Fruity Pebbles), Coconut and Mississippi Mud Pie. Clearly I have been missing out on some delicious Oreo creations, but can do without an Oreo with pop rocks in it.

Enjoy celebrating Oreo's birthday today, dunk a few cookies and maybe create a new flavor while you're at it.

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