One's gotta go!

Over the last few weeks you have probably seen and or heard about the possibility of Halloween being canceled. The Center for Disease Control announced last week that trick or treating is considered "High Risk" in the spread of COVID-19, so they are recommending that kids don't go door to door collecting candy this year. We have come up with an alternate way to get candy to Hudson Valley kids here if you choose to not let them go out this year...LOL.

Let's hope that this never happens BUT if you had to choose, would you want to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving? One has to go!!! Which one are you going with? I asked my younger kids, Jackson 9, Julianna 14 and the both said the same thing with out missing a beat. They said Halloween has to go!

Julianna looked at me after I asked her the question with the "dad your dumb" look on her face and said, "Thanksgiving has the three F's....Family, Football, and Food." YES I raised a good one ....LOL!!! After she said it, my son agreed and I automatically had that proud dad moment!

Jess agreed as well and is saying GOODBYE to Halloween. How about you guys? If you had to, just for this year, go without celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving, which one would you say bye bye to? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app and keep your fingers crossed that we never have to really make this choice....EVER!!!

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