So Halloween is officially a week away. This time next week you will be putting the fitting touches on your Halloween plans. One of the items on the list will most likely be "put candy in bowl". If you're like me though that bowl has been out for a week or more and you have probably had to refill it a time or two.

What is it about Halloween candy. We buy it early. We eat it early. And then somehow we are frustrated when November 1st arrives and the candy buffet needs to close. Let's face it October and Halloween are reasons we all cheat a bit and over indulge on candy. But once the pumpkin goes out we are back to scolding ourselves for keeping candy around the house.

I can actually say I don't keep bags of candy in the house any other time of year.. Christmas ends up being more of a cookie holiday then a candy holiday at my hose. So the whole point of this blog is to give you a visible reference of what almost 400 calories of Halloween candy looks like.

In the picture you can see 4 different types of "Fun Size" candy bars. Three have 80 calories each and one of them is 100 calories. So let's round up to 400 because the reality is we will all probably eat 5 pieces before we are done with the bowl. I am not going to list the sugars and carbs because that is just insult to injury. However, I will say it might have you skipping fun size number 5.

Halloween Fun Fact: According to the National Retail Federation we will spend an average of $86.27 on Halloween this year.

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