Would you stay the night at an abandoned zoo? What if it used to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Upstate, New York?

Sounds kind of cool, right? Well, the Catskill Game Farm has been completely transformed into a popular Airbnb stay and has received an impressive title.

Catskill Game Farm Named One of The Most Loved Stays

According to Airbnb, the once-abandoned Catskill Game Farm is now popular with tourists yet again!

If you grew up in the New York tri-state area there's a strong possibility you visited The Catskill Game Farm. Unfortunately, all of our childhood memories went out the door when the Game Farm closed up in 2006.

However, over the years and after many renovations, parts of the farm have become an Airbnb. We're talking 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a full kitchen, an indoor jacuzzi, a sauna room, an outdoor hot tub, a fire pit and so much more.

Many of the rooms and lounges are decorated with old signage from the Game Farm bringing back all the nostalgia.


With that, according to Airbnb, The Catskill Game Farm has been rated "One of the most loved homes on Airbnb based on ratings, reviews, and reliability."

All 31 reviews of the Game Farm have been 5-star reviews.

Stay The Night at Abandoned Catskill Game Farm

So what can you experience at The Catskill Game Farm? Basically, everything!

You and your guests can enjoy the 9,000-square-foot mansion, with 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a full kitchen, an indoor jacuzzi, a sauna room, an outdoor hot tub, a fire pit, and more.


The more being FULL access to the abandoned zoo, exploring the old animal shelters 200+ acres to walk around, and 3.5 miles of paved walkways just like old times.

A Peek Inside a Stay at The Catskill Game Farm

Take a look at where you could spend the night and relive your childhood at the Catskill Game Farm:

Once a Popular Catskill Tourist Attraction, Now One of The Most Loved Homes on Airbnb

Most New Yorkers are familiar with the Catskill Game Farm. They may have traveled there on vacation back in the day, but what has happened to it since it closed its doors in 2006? Well, it's become one of the most popular stays on Airbnb!

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Whenever I used to go to The Catskill Game Farm it was followed by a stop at Frontier Town. Unlike The Game Farm, Frontier Town is still abandoned. Here are a few of the most recent photos:

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Adirondack Drone took to the skies and grabbed these snapshots of what's left of the abandoned Frontier Town in North Hudson, New York.

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