February is underway and Valentine's Day is fast approaching. That got me thinking about the traditional Valentine. You know the paper one that you would stuff in an envelope and hand out is grade school.

Somehow that small paper Valentine then turned into an elaborate card. Some play music others have pop-up features and slots for naughty gift cards. So my question was do people still give cards to their Valentine?

How Many People Still Give Their Valentine a Card

I asked this question on social media and was surprised by the response. Turns out a lot of people still give their Valentine a card. It is really sweet to see that tradition has continued. I have even seen in local antique stores that old Valentine's cards and postcards are sold as keepsakes.

Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook
Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook

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The Good House Keeping Interesting Facts about Valentine's Day reports that  Hallmark says 145 million Valentine's cards are shared in America each year. That number doesn't even account for the number of Valentines exchanged in American classrooms.

What Do You Do With Old Greeting Cards

So I guess my next question would be do you keep all your Valentine cards? I know at one point I had a box of old cards people had given me. It was fun to go back a read what people had written and of course, the Valentine's cards from old boyfriends are always an interesting read.

Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook
Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook

But what if the card you give your Valentine doesn't have to sit in a box tucked away? I know that no one wants to throw them out but what do you do with all those old cards? Here's an idea that won't help with the cards from the past but it makes cards of the future pretty cool.

Greeting Cards That You Can Plant to Grow Flowers

Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook
Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook

Get your Valentine a card that turns into a garden. That's right you can now buy cards that you can give, then read, and when you are ready plant and they grow flowers. And it's not just Valentine's Cards. They have cards for any occasion.

Check in at your local card or gift shop to see if they have these types of cards and if not stop in at Little Light of Mine Candle Shop in New Paltz, New York. That is where I first saw the plant-able cards. What a cool idea, right?

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