Back in March it was announced the budget for the Special Olympics would be cut at the federal level.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos budget called to cut $17.2 million from the Special Olympics. Politicians from both sides were opposed to the cut.

President Trump then pledged to restore the Special Olympic funding.

While the cut was overturned at the federal level, it looked as though New York state would be still be cutting the budget for the Special Olympics according to the New York Post. However, on Tuesday April 2nd Governor Cuomo's office has overturned that budget cut as well.

Officials told the New York Post that $50,000 that was cut from a $200,000 allocation in the state budget for the Special Olympics has been restored.

Assemblyman Kieran Lalor, from Dutchess County, told the Post "The same scenario just played out on the federal level and the president put the money back in. It’s offensive, bad politics and terrible policy."


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