Every week there is DRAMA with someone!

We say it all the time on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, "we are one big happy family" and when one of us needs help with an issue that we are dealing with, we have to try and help out. That mantra is how "We gotcha Wednesday" was born.

Every Wednesday Jess and I pick out one email that we have received from a fellow Wolf listener looking for some help or advice with something going on in their life. We look at like this, instead of having to pony up a copay for a real doctor, why not have two radio morons try and help you out first.

Here is the email we talked about on the air today....

"CJ and Jess

So I’ve been talking to this guy on and off for the last few years. We’re not anything serious and really only get together when we we NEED to, if you catch my drift. Anyway, we hung out about 3 weeks ago. Fast forward to last week, when out of nowhere he texted me asking me if he could borrow $50 to “get gas” or something for his truck. He claimed he left his cards at home, but can use Apple Pay at the gas station. I know if I was in that situation I would want someone to help me out. So I gave it to him. He said he would send the money back as soon as he got home. I have yet to get my money back. I’ve asked him about it twice and he’s given me some excuse about his bank and his card not working right. Should I keep asking for my money or call it a loss?"

Both Jess and I agree that she should probably cut her losses but if she wants to be aggressive she should start a tally of interest on the $50 and text him the new amount a few times a day until he responds or pays her back. I think after a few text messages he'll either pay up or block her.

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