My Dad's ears have to be ringing somewhere right about now.

When I first started driving, my Dad would always go over how to get your car ready for spring when this time of year would hit.

My Dad is a very chilled out guy, but one thing that would get him really fired up is when I would forget to wax my car for the upcoming warm weather.

According to, here are some tips to get your car ready for Spring:

Tire Check

Design Pics

Get your tires rotated and check you air pressure after those long, cold winter nights.


New Wiper Blades


After the snow and sleet from the winter it's a good idea to get these replaced.




Wash under your car to get rid of all the salt that gets kicked up from the road.


Air Conditioner Check


I've heard this happen so many times on that first hot day we get. Turn your air conditioning on and let it run for a few minutes to make sure it's working.


Oil Change

Tanya Ryno

This is always a good idea, you will get all your fluids topped off and if there is any problem thats brewing you can get ahead of it.

There are a few more tips on that website you can check out. Also, if you have any ones I missed feel free to drop a comment below.


Dad if you're reading this, I plan to wax my car in two weeks.