Here is how to do it.

You might say this is your dream job, especially if you love to eat pizza and try new things.

According to News 10, the company Ooni is going to pay 10 people anywhere from $350 to $1,000 to be pizza taste testers.

One of the founders of the pizza oven maker company told News 10 that they are interested in all kinds of people. Darina Garland said that they are looking for "novices through to professional pizzaioli."

If you are lucky enough to grab one of these jobs you will be expected to make your own pizzas with a variety of ingredients and provide feedback on new pizza products and the company will even pay for all your ingredients.

The amount you get paid will vary and depend on experience, and how much time a person spends on tasting the pizzas.

Garland said the pay scale would work somewhat like this, the $300 rate would be someone who can make and stretch their own dough, but has never worked professionally in a kitchen.

To make the $1,000 you would need to be someone who has added skill sets of making pizza, filming their baking skills and or has worked as a cook.

Sign me up! If you would like to apply for this amazing job, you need to put a video together telling them why you would be a great pizza taste tester. Videos need to be sent in by October 14th, 2018.

Once the video is complete send it here.

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