Are you the person in your circle who loves to tell a good story? Have your friends told you that you have a vivid imagination? Or maybe you just like to write. No matter which one of these people you are the Gardiner Library has something fun you can do, to channel some of your creativity energy this summer.

Now through August 14th the Gardiner Library is running the Great American Tall Tales Short Story Writing Contest. There are two winner categories and no entry fee. All stories will be judged on originality and use of language. They should be longer than 2,500 words. Stories must be original and there is only one entry per author. All entries must be typed and submitted online.

The Great American Tall Tales contest is design to get local authors of all ages to create a "Historical-fiction mash-up". They want you to have fun writing a tall tale inspired by local history and community. You have two more weeks to get your story in to the Library for consideration, good luck.

If you plan to enter please make sure your story has your name or your pen name on it, plus your address, phone number, email and also the approximate word count. Entry are submitted in one of two categories "teen" ages 12 to 17 or Adults ages 18 and up. All submission are need by August 14th. Prizes will be awarded.


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