We learned last week that a Hudson Valley firefighter lost his life while fighting a fire in Spring Valley and today we've got the details on funeral arrangements.

The funeral for local firefighter Jared Lloyd will take place on Saturday April 3rd at the Palisades Credit Union Park located at 1 Provident Bank Park Drive in Pomona. The service is set to start at 11:00am and if you plan on attending, they have asked that attendees follow some simple instructions according to the Firefighters Close Calls website.

First, the funeral is being held for firefighters ONLY! Spouses, partners, friends, children or outside guests will not be permitted inside the park for the services. They are asking that anyone that wants to pay their respects on Saturday, that they participate by lining the streets to pay their respects in the procession that will take place once the services are finished. The procession will go down Route 45 to Route 59, then up West Street to Lloyd’s Columbian Firehouse for a ceremonial “last call,” west on Maple to Route 306, then north on Route 306 to Brick Church Cemetery.

Second, any firefighters that plan on going, organizers are asking you to gather at the Rockland County Health Complex at Building L, located at 50 Sanatorium Road, Pomona. If the parking area at Building L fills up, please use the parking area across the street or at any parking lots nearby. They are asking everyone attending to please respect all neighbors at the gathering areas. They will also provide shuttles and buses to the park.

This event is expected to draw anywhere from 5000+ firefighters from all over the country to pay their respects to Spring Valley firefighter Jared Lloyd who lost his life fighting a fire back on Tuesday March 23rd at the Evergreen Court for Adults, a senior living facility.

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