It's time for a super sized "Frolic Friday."

After we talked about the Super Bowl for the last couple of days, we wanted to bring the big game into our Frolic Friday celebration.

Frolic Friday is what Jess and I do every week to hopefully send you into the weekend with a smile on your face. Yes we are idiots but we do what we do for

Jess told us this morning that she had a great idea for this weeks frolic and if you missed it, it was pretty good.

One of her favorite movies is "Little Giants" and she told us that we should take a few scenes from the movie and bring them into our frolic.

Think "Annexation of Puerto Rico"....and away we go, toilet paper and all...

Hopefully the game on Sunday is a little more exciting than us.

We will have more on Super Bowl 51 with our Luke Bryan wager on the National Anthem coming up.

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