It's Friday the 13th and we celebrate with a good "Frolic" and a nice scream.

Every Friday Jess and I do what we can to send you into the weekend with a little smile on your face with a usually quiet frolic, well maybe not so quiet, but we do frolic around like 2 idiots hoping that at least one person cracks a smile.

With the calendar telling us its October and Halloween is right around the corner and today being Friday the 13th we decided this week to frolic with a side of a glass breaking scream.


I gotta tell you, that felt GREAT! Now it's your turn.

If you are looking for a quick pick me up and want to head into the weekend with a big fat smile on your face, you have to give frolicking a try. All you need to do is drop your hands to your side, point your hands out and start to skip around wherever you are. Make sure you end your frolic with a LOUD SCREAM! Its guaranteed to turn that frown upside down.

Have a great weekend!

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